Pictures from Lessons

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One of our lesson girls asked me to post these pictures and photos from their lessons.

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A video of one of our students jumping with Casey.

Sunday Farm-Fun day

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On Sunday we had a visit from my college roommate and long time friend and her family.  It was the first time meeting her 2 girls and we had a blast!  We did everything we could on the farm in a few hours time: Met the horses, climbed on the hay, met the goats and donkeys, gave the donkey’s carrots, brought the donkeys back to the barn from the goat’s pasture, tacked up Heather for a pony ride, rode Heather around the riding ring, gave the horses and donkeys treats, gave the goats stale crackers, played hide and seek and scavenger hunt in the house, had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, colored in the coloring book, went on an ATV ride and collected rocks. Phew busy day but we had so much fun and the girls loved every minute of it.

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GSF’s First Pony Party

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Friends of the farm who’s daughters have been taking lessons for almost a year asked us to bring 2 horses to their flag day party.  At first we were hesitant because of liability, can never be too careful these days, but we worked it out signed the agreements and had a great day out.

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As you can see we had party goers of all ages. They signed up, found a helmet, and we lead them around the path.  It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for us.

Miss Heather’s Big Day!

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Miss Heather's big day!

This past weekend our favorite photographer, Judy Reinford, arranged a holiday photo shoot at the farm with her clients.  She asked if Heather could be used in the family’s photos on location at Golden Spike Farm.  In return the family made a contribution to the Nash fund raising campaign.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  Heather who loves kids was a super star.  She stood, posed and did not move a muscle for 2 hours.  Such a great pony!

Heather is a Welsh Pony used in the my lesson program.  She is getting up there in years, mid to late twenties, but still enjoys having the kids on her back.  She is so patient with them and knows their ability level.  She will not do anything until they are ready for it.  Since she is a white color, she is starting to show signs of skin cancer.  “Melanomas are most common in older grey or white horses; as many as 80% of grey horses will develop them at some point during their lives.” See Common Equine Tumors.  They don’t bother her at all so the vet is just keeping an eye on them for size and spreading.

I got to know Judy when she volunteered her time and services to the Nash Campaign.  Check out the post from May of this year.  She is an amazing photographer who’s pictures make everything seem magical and enchanting.

Brother and Sister

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My littlest student loves her lessons.  She has more confidence than the kids twice her age.  This week we decided to give her brother a pony ride (which we had done only once before) for the cool down, as you can see he loved it.

He was so cute when he was riding he was talking away and holding on.  Then he let go for a split second to talk with his hands and ended up losing his balance.  Luckily he recovered quickly and didn’t let go again.

This was from last October (2012)


This was from May (2013)


Something Different

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So this weekend was a wash – literally, it rained almost the whole time.  I should not be complaining because I heard we need the rain but it did mess up some plans:

  • I couldn’t let the horses out the pastures.  The 2 rotation pastures are finally ready for grazing. The conditions have to be just right. If the ground is too soft they tear it up and create divots with their hooves.
  • I had to cancel one of my lessons

But it did clear up enough to bring Heather over to the neighbor’s  for pony rides at the kid’s party.2013-05-18_13-50-55_437 2013-05-18_13-51-49_262As you can see the good ol’ Heather was an Angel.  She walked around the yard while the kids got their pony ride.  For many of them it was their first time on a horse.  They were so cute and in awe of the experience.

Part 2 of the weekend as all about Compost!  As you can see my manure pile is growing so I posted an ad on Craigslist for free fertilizer.  We delivered one truck load, for the price of gas and another gardner stopped by to pick up her own truck load.


Family fun day on the farm

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A few friends and old colleagues came to visit the farm on Sunday.  Their kids loved it. We started out visiting the goats and donkeys.

Then moved on to say hi to the chickens.2013-04-07_13-38-25_363

Then out to the barn to meet the horses.  Casey was so patient while I showed the kids how to brush him and clean out his hooves.2013-04-07_15-51-19_878

Then for the pony rides.  Dads were there for stability and balance.  I simply lead Casey around.  You should have seen the smiles on their faces
2013-04-07_16-24-46_261 2013-04-07_16-23-11_270
2013-04-07_16-14-58_880 2013-04-07_16-12-21_81
Even Roxy (my friends dog) got into the going around in circles.  We almost tripped over her a few times.  As you can see Casey didn’t care at all.
2013-04-07_16-10-25_7722013-04-07_16-04-18_378 2013-04-07_16-07-44_374 2013-04-07_16-10-22_1382013-04-07_16-44-55_142

The great day ended with sitting on the tractor.