So this weekend was a wash – literally, it rained almost the whole time.  I should not be complaining because I heard we need the rain but it did mess up some plans:

  • I couldn’t let the horses out the pastures.  The 2 rotation pastures are finally ready for grazing. The conditions have to be just right. If the ground is too soft they tear it up and create divots with their hooves.
  • I had to cancel one of my lessons

But it did clear up enough to bring Heather over to the neighbor’s  for pony rides at the kid’s party.2013-05-18_13-50-55_437 2013-05-18_13-51-49_262As you can see the good ol’ Heather was an Angel.  She walked around the yard while the kids got their pony ride.  For many of them it was their first time on a horse.  They were so cute and in awe of the experience.

Part 2 of the weekend as all about Compost!  As you can see my manure pile is growing so I posted an ad on Craigslist for free fertilizer.  We delivered one truck load, for the price of gas and another gardner stopped by to pick up her own truck load.