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So it has been a while since my last post.  I am so crazy busy with trying to go from a 10 acre farm full of stuff to a 2 bedroom condo.  That is a lot of stuff to find a new home for.

I grateful for my Saturday morning rides.  At least I am getting on once or twice a week to clear my head.  I seem to be taking more pictures lately.  I think I am trying to capture memories as my next life will be quite different.

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Recently I proclaimed my personal hash tag to be #neveradullmoment.  The Farm never lets me down on that one.  So I go out to the barn to feed after work to fine George and Heather in the wrong pasture by the main barn.  IMG_1205The gate was busted open into George and heather’s pasture.

Warlock was in Heather’s stall. Strange scenario. IMG_1207Not sure how or why one of the three main barn horses broke the gate latch and opened the gate between them.IMG_1206

My Parents are in town for Easter and to help with the packing and sorting.  This past Saturday was another beautiful day for horsie selfies and my mom came out to say hi.

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Other good news… Otis found a great home!  He is going to be a spoiled rotten fur baby for a wonderful couple.


We were telling them about Piper and how she is doing great but has basically lost her vision and hearing from old age. I had made the hard decision that it would not be fair to take her across country.  I was thinking she maybe too old to find a new home for and there are not many people willing to take on an old lady. Otis’ new family asked to meet her and said they would be willing to take her if I can’t find a local home for her.  I feel such a sense of relief.  Of all the good I have done fostering dogs this past year has come back to me 10 fold.  Karma!

Pictures from Lessons

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One of our lesson girls asked me to post these pictures and photos from their lessons.

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A video of one of our students jumping with Casey.

They had a good run around

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Some times they get a wild hair have to run around for a bit to let it out.  It makes for some great pictures.

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Day 4: Recovery going well

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Dr Parente just called me.  It was great to talk to him after seeing Nash as I was able to ask all my questions.

How did he get the hernia?

DrP. found scar tissue below the hernia which lead him to believe that the hernia was caused by trauma.  Perhaps from  a horse kicking him (before I rescued him) that caused a tear in the muscle wall.

How was the surgery performed?

The surgical mesh was attached to the muscles surrounding the hernia hole.  Usually they try to pull the muscles together  and put the mesh on top but due to the location this was not possible.  So the mesh was attached with some tension (like a trampoline) to the muscles.  There is also a layer of fat between the mesh and the intestine so there will be no complications there.  Over time scar tissue will form over the mesh and reinforce it.

How is his recovering going?

He is doing very well.  Pain seems to be down a bit today.  Dr P. took the bandage off and was very pleased by the look at the incision site.  It was very dry indicating not much puss or fluids forming.  The swelling is less than the expected and Nash let him touch it (which indicates less pain).  They are going to re-bandage it and keep that on for a while.  Nash will be switched from IV antibiotics to Oral Abs.  They are also reducing his bute (pain meds).

When can he come home?

Nash can go home Friday or Saturday.  Which works out great because we will be picking him up around 4 on Saturday.

What happens when he comes home?

Nash will be confined to the stall for 2 weeks and hand walked only.  Then he can be let out in a small round pen for 1 month. During this time he is not allowed to run around or interact with the herd for fear of tearing open the surgical site.  I will continue the oral Antibiotics and pain meds as needed.




Sunset Trail Ride

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What a great way to end a long Saturday of lessons.


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On Facebook I started a post a day about things I am thankful for during the month of Thanksgiving.  this is today’s post.

#8 Today I am thankful that I have the facility and ability to share my horse world with others. My colleagues enjoy hearing my tales of farm life (from throwing bales of hay to rolling study horses over). My lesson kids and adults enjoy experiencing it first hand. I get the joy of watching them grown in strength and courage as they learn to trust and communicate with a 1000 lb beast.

Scheduled Nash’s Surgery Date

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Tuesday, November 19th


Heart Felt Appreciation

I can’t believe it is really happening!  The generosity of friends and animals lovers is beyond words!  We have raised enough money to pay for the surgery!  Thank you to all of Nash’s benefactors:

  • my lesson students who
    • choose to ask for donations for Nash instead of birthday presents,
    • raised funds through their schools – Nickles for Nash
    • put out Nash Cans at local businesses.
  • the friends of Nash & GSF who give of their own money
  • friend who organized a raffle for tickets to a football in Nebraska
  • friend and amazing photographer Judy Reinford who donated a photo shoot & images for the fundraising flyers and postings and had a client out for a photo shoot who donated to the campaign.
  • Fretz Western Wear for agreeing to have a Nash Can on their counter and their customers for donating.

I have not yet closed the fundraising due to the cost of aftercare and in case of  any post surgery complications.  If  there is any money left after he is healed and recovered I will donate it to a worthy horse rescue group.

Dust Storm

Now for the Details

I spoke to Dr Eric Parente on Wednesday.    He is the a professor of surgery at the New Bolton Center for large animals.   He explained that we will have to minimize Nash’s feeding schedule for 2 days prior to the surgery.  The goal is to decrease bulk in his colon so that there is less pressure on the surgical site.  So this means no hay starting Sunday, November 17th and he can only have 1 -2 cups of grain every 4 – 6 hours.  He is going to be so mad at me!

Nash will be admitted to the hospital for 4 – 5 days. I can bring him in either Sunday night or Monday before noon.  On the first day Dr Eric will ultrasound the hernia to find the margins and how close it is to the last rib.  He will use the ultrasound to figure out what to anchor the surgical mesh to.  If it is close enough he might even use the rib for anchoring.

The surgery would consist of general anesthesia and the insertion of the mesh.  After the surgery he would have a belly bandage for support.  They would use IV antibiotics followed by oral antibiotics.

He should be able to come home  on Saturday.  I scheduled his release during the week of Thanksgiving when I am off from work and my parents are up visiting.  That way I can be there for him and spend time with him during his early recovery. Once Nash is home he would have to be in the stall for 2 -3  weeks with only limited hand walking.  This will allow time for the important scar tissue to form.

The end result is that the mesh would provide support from it getting bigger.  The results would not be flat against the stomach because it will have a round shape as the scar tissue fills in.



Another week. Another post

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Fall Riding

This is the only season we can see those 2 words in a statement with out thinking: Oh No!

It sure is beautiful though.  The fresh crisp air, the beautiful colors all around you.  Even the horses like it and have a spring in their step.

Yes another shot of me while riding. Trying to capture my trial mate and myself.
2013-10-20_11-06-57_408I can’t believe I am still gaining new lessons.  This is our first mother daughter team!



Raffle for Save Nash Campaign

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A friend of the farm has generously donated 2 college football tickets to the Nash fundraising campaign.  Then he set up a raffle through ebay to raffle them off.  All proceeds will go to Nash’s surgery fund.

Please click here to visit the ebay page:  Raffle for 2 Nebraska vs Michigan State Spartans 11-16-13 football tickets

Please share this link with any friends in Nebraska or Michigan.  Thank you for your support!

footbal tickets

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