Happy Christmas

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Wishing you, your families and your fur babies a very happy Christmas. We had a farm family Christmas party last weekend. See if you can find Axel, Riley, and Piper in the family photo.


The last few days before I left for my Christmas holiday were completely crazy but I made it through and am now relaxing in the sun and warmth.


On Sunday, I had to get Casey and Cuervo up to the barn to eat their breakfast. They were in the back hanging out in the pasture paradise track. They whole farm is a muddy mess from snow melt and the rain. So instead of walking them up they gave me a ride. I am lucky to have such great horses.

As I was wrapping up the day, I noticed Apple tossing his head and pawing. I finished up the shed and by the time I went to get him he was laying down.  I am not sure what he ate, but he had colic and his muzzle was stained green. I ended up walking him around the riding ring for 2 hours. Luckily it was a mild case and by 10:30 that night he was allowed to eat some hay. The next morning he was up to his usual tricks because he let himself out of the stall and ate the remainder of his hay.

On Monday I noticed the only faucet in the barn was leaking. My plumber friend was able to stop by to tell me the whole thing needed to be replaced.  This happened only hours before I was to take the train to Philadelphia. Luckily he was able to get it done and I was on my way.  Then on the train I missed my stop and had to wait an hour for the next train to get back.  I finally made it to the hotel to sleep and get shuttle for the plane early the next morning.

I get to Miami to find out the barn is flooding due to the screens on the new drains clogging it up.  I am lucky to have friends watching over the farm. So he fixed them and now things are flowing again.

Thanks to everyone who helps me keep things ticking. It takes a village.

Leaving you with some pictures of holiday decorations.

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10 day Christmas break

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It is not easy to leave the farm for 10 days, but the warm  weather helped me with the break.  I have a great crew of “Farm sisters” (as one of my boarders just called us) who took care of everything.  What is everything you ask?

  • 10 horses
  • 2 donkeys
  • 5 goats
  • 2 dogs
  • 4 cats

They even had major flooding in the barn from the warm weather and snow melt.  Crisis was handled and they didn’t even call or text to bother me with something I couldn’t help with.

So I enjoyed my Christmas thaw with the family in sunny Florida. Hard to come back so I thought I would revisit and share some of the warm pics.

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Farm Family Christmas Brunch

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Before I left for vacation we had a farm family gathering.  It was a great day where everyone brought a pot luck style dish and we all had some down time to enjoy each other’s company.