Welcome Spring

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Mother Nature welcomes the first day of spring with the embrace of a fresh blanket of snow.WP_20150320_12_36_06_ProSeriously!  All of the snow had just finished melting.  We saw grass for the first time since January. Now this!  Not fair she is seriously not playing by the rules.  Maybe April will be good to us?

Song For An Old-Fashioned April

April, April, how do I know
whether thou be friend or foe?
Give me sunlight, give me breath,
Give me belief there is no death.

How I wonder, my giver of the flower
Whether I’ll have staying power;
To wage this battle through thick and thin
To know my love will come back again…

Tell me April, who is my love,
The red robin or the cooing dove?
How can a messenger seem so still
While streams overflow with winter’s swill?

Give me love or give me power;
I’ll take some of both
And contemplate the flower……

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/song-for-an-oldfashioned-april#ixzz3UwjiAbGP

Through the Forest

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The Memorial Day trail ride took us through a forest.  It is actually a local wildlife preserve, probably made just for people but don’t tell anyone.  We went down the mail path and Apple noticed a trail marked by colored bands around the trees.  He decided to go off roading and take us on a real trail.  I really think Apple Jacks was a trail horse in his previous life (before he was rescued and came to his forever farm).  He loves it and I just give him his head.  He is a great trail leader and will go over/through anything I ask him too.

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