The Prodigal Son Returns

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Warlock the wonder horse is back!

After a few month training at Rachael’s farm Warlock is back with his dad and the herd.

Izzy and Chex were so glad to see him!  Apple eah not so much.

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Later that week I captured a beautiful run around session with father and son.

The Horses on the new Paddock Paradise track

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Some photos of the herd enjoying the new Pasture Paradise Track that we put in the weekend before.

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Mad Dash

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While slowly getting acclimated to eating lush grass the horses in the beginning are only allowed out on the pastures for a few hours per day.  This prevents them from getting laminitis and foundering.  So as you can imagine they are very excited to get out to the grass.

First they line up and patiently wait for the gate to be opened.


Sunbun line leader

Then the mad dash to the back pasture


One at a time no pushing


Run like the wind Chex


Come on Nash and Casey.

Then after a little bit of running around and tearing up the pasture…


… they calm down and start grazing





They had a good run around

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Some times they get a wild hair have to run around for a bit to let it out.  It makes for some great pictures.

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