Welcome Spring

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Mother Nature welcomes the first day of spring with the embrace of a fresh blanket of snow.WP_20150320_12_36_06_ProSeriously!  All of the snow had just finished melting.  We saw grass for the first time since January. Now this!  Not fair she is seriously not playing by the rules.  Maybe April will be good to us?

Song For An Old-Fashioned April

April, April, how do I know
whether thou be friend or foe?
Give me sunlight, give me breath,
Give me belief there is no death.

How I wonder, my giver of the flower
Whether I’ll have staying power;
To wage this battle through thick and thin
To know my love will come back again…

Tell me April, who is my love,
The red robin or the cooing dove?
How can a messenger seem so still
While streams overflow with winter’s swill?

Give me love or give me power;
I’ll take some of both
And contemplate the flower……

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/song-for-an-oldfashioned-april#ixzz3UwjiAbGP

Do you want to build a snowman?

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What do you do on the first 40 degree day in a month?  We at GSF built a snowman.  This is my first ever snowman.  I did tell you I am from Miami right?  And well I rolled the massive snow balls but you can see I didn’t do the finer details.  The second ball for the chest was so heavy it had to be lifted by the bucket of the tractor.

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We added two eyes made out of coal.  The nose is a carrot.  The hat is Cuervo’s feed bowl. The mouth is made of braided bailing twine.  And here you have it folks GSF’s first ever Snowman!

Then we decided we needed a group photo so we had to set up the timer.  That took a bit and produced funny photos in the process.

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Then we decided we need the shot where the horse eats the snowman’s nose.  Casey was the perfect horse for the job, it just took us a while to get the timing of the photo right.

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There is only now. And you may as well do it now.

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It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, NOW is as good a time as any.— Hugh Laurie

Wait till your ready

Winter is in full swing here at the farm but I am still doing lessons with my “troopers”.  A select few that stick with me through the winter.  We get bundled up in our 7 layers to go out there and have some fun.  Stay frosty my friends!

Happy Thanksgiving from Golden Spike Farm

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It is a quiet day here on the farm. Yesterday’s 12hours of snow lays a beautiful blanket on the farm. My mom and I went out to feed this morning. We distributed the hay around the pasture paradise track in the back. Trying to get them out of the muddy mess caused my the melting snow.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope you enjoy your day and take a moment to think of all the things you are thankful for. I sure did and my blessings are many.

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Is the Spring door creeping open?

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As I have been plogging and complaining about… this has been a difficult winter and we keep saying spring is coming.  So should I dare to say that winter is over?  Will we have anymore major snow storms? Will the weather temperatures continue to rise?  Looking at the trending weather forecasts I might say things are looking good. BUT you know what that means 12 + inches of snow needs to melt.

On Friday evening I got on Apple Jacks to test the riding ring.  I wanted to know how the melt was coming along and if we could do lessons this weekend.  Unfortunately the snow was too deep still, so once again the lessons were cancelled.  He was a good boy though.  A little hyper but that is to be expected in the ring.  We cantered around for a bit till he got winded due to the extra effort he had to put out to get through the snow.  That and we are both out of shape having taken the last month off due to the cold temps and snow.

So now we have mud. The snow is successfully melting and the ground is completely drenched and soaked.  I have been making water channels for days to make sure the water flows away from the barn and out of the pastures.

WP_20140308_17_27_20_ProPrincess Isabelle is a big fan of the mud.  In fact she likes to roll her body in every inch of it.

Nash on the other hand wanted to see what it was like to have a blaze.

WP_20140308_18_08_44_ProHe is so funny. I am not sure how he only got mud on his face.

Home and Back in to the Swing of Things

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Since being back from vacation things have been a whirl wind (hence the absence of posts).  Cuervo’s half mom said she keeps checking there is nothing new, so here I am finally having time to write a little bit and catch you all up.

The Saturday I got back it was like a normal farm day. Trial ride followed by lessons.


This is Apple headed our for the road ride with Cuervo.  Things change and happen so quickly. On the way back we are passed by a large noisy truck.  Cuervo’s 1/2 mom looses her balance and is unable to stay on.  Long story short we were very fortunate to have 2 good Samaritans stop to help us out and the emergency services arrive take her away with a broken arm.   As I start to walk the horses back home Cuervo sends out a loud Whinny.  There were no horses around for him to talk to,  I am sure the whinny was for his 1/2 mom as he noticed she was missing.  So this post is for you and for a speedy recovery!  Cant wait till you get back out to see your old man (Cuervo) and eventually back in the saddle. He misses you too.   Makes you realize no matter how good of a rider you are horses are still animals and accidents happen.

I get back to the farm 1/2 late for the next lesson. Luckily Rachael was there to fill in for me.

WP_20131228_12_08_21_Pro WP_20131228_12_08_36_ProA few days later another snow storm hits.  It sure is pretty but such a pain to deal with on the farm.

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A blanket of snow

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A blanket of snow

Today’s view of the barn.

March snow?

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More snow? When will this winter end?  I took these pictures on Sunday thinking was going to be the last snow of the year. But nooooooo it snowed on Monday and Tuesday as well. Come on spring get here already.