The Philosophy

Rescued Animals

We are not a rescue but the majority of the animals we own are from rescues or have been rescued in their own way.  With all the animals needing home in this world I do not believe in buying pure bred pets from breeders.  Rescued horses, cats and dogs can fill your home with as much love as a pure bred.  I take my philosophy to the next level and have decided not to breed any of my animals because that would just be adding more.  Although having puppies, kittens, foals and kids on the farm would be so cute!


My Philosophy: Have Fun!  My lesson program is more about:

  • gaining confidence around 1,000 pound animals.
  • learning basic horsemanship 
  • thinking about the horse as a partner
  • acquiring basic skills to ask a horse to do something
  • learning balance in the riding ring and in the barn
  • having a well rounded rider who can ride in any saddle or with out one

Our goal is not to get my lesson students ready for shows.  There is no competition except with oneself.  I teach proper body position and posture.  We do balance and strengthening exercises.  We learn to keep our hands and legs steady to not bother our horse partners.

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  1. Jim Rathell
    Oct 01, 2014 @ 09:58:15

    I am moving to Bucks County in a couple of weeks – from western Colorado.
    I would love to meet you and help with your fencing project. And, have the opportunity to meet other horse folks. My name is Jim Rathell.
    Please email me directions to your facility from Erwinna.
    Best, Jim Rathell email: jimrathell@gmail.com


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