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Five Years!

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Five years oldI received this in an email on Saturday, from Tumblr which was the original  location of my website.  I created the webpages which basically corresponds with launching my business 5 years ago.  I really can’t believe it has been that long.  The Farm started out in Chalfont, PA then moved to Quakertown 3 years ago in October.

Thanks to all my friends and family who has supported and helped me make my dream come true!



Top Ten Reasons To Ride A Horse

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Top Ten Reasons To Ride A Horse.

Great post by a follow blogger.

Why do I ride?

  • It is in my soul.  I remember my uncle calling me a natural.  I have been around horses (on and off) since I was born.
  • It is much better than walking or biking.  I enjoy the trail rides especially when I see others out for exercise.  We say funny things like “Race ya” or if they are tired “Need a lift”.  They say things like “Trade ya” and we always reply “No Way”.
  • Connection with a beast almost 10 times my size.  My guys are great.  They are calm and have no vises.  They are all getting up there in years but they know they have it good at the farm.
  • Mounted lessons – are much better than standing and walking around the ring giving out riding instruction.  My student’s father came up to me after her lesson and said I was Aces.  He explained she has been at 3 barns and this is the first on that the instructor gave the lesson from on top of a horse.  It makes sense to me to do it for demonstration purposes.   Plus the added bonus is we get to go on a mini trail ride after the lesson.

Why do you ride, want to ride, or enjoy watching people ride?


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