Sunday Farm-Fun day

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On Sunday we had a visit from my college roommate and long time friend and her family.  It was the first time meeting her 2 girls and we had a blast!  We did everything we could on the farm in a few hours time: Met the horses, climbed on the hay, met the goats and donkeys, gave the donkey’s carrots, brought the donkeys back to the barn from the goat’s pasture, tacked up Heather for a pony ride, rode Heather around the riding ring, gave the horses and donkeys treats, gave the goats stale crackers, played hide and seek and scavenger hunt in the house, had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, colored in the coloring book, went on an ATV ride and collected rocks. Phew busy day but we had so much fun and the girls loved every minute of it.

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He thinks my tractor’s sexy

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Yes – from Kenny Chesney’s song:

So I am becoming a little more proficient and confident in using the tractor.  I can load up the farm truck with manure with out denting anything.  I can cut the pastures but find it so boring going around in circles.  It is nice to be able to hang out with the BF while doing it.

But really I would rather be here:


Isn’t that right, Baby? (aka Oreo)


Dobie’s new trick

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So this is Dobie’s latest thing.  I get him riled up and then he tries to nicely head butt me. Instead it looks like I trained him to walk on his hind legs.


It’s a beautiful morning

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This morning when I walked out the front door I found Bilbo and Frodo standing on the mound in their pasture. They were looking intently at something. My first thought was they saw a fox. As their instinct is to protect their herd of goats. (This is why they don’t like and chase the dogs.) Instead they were staring at a turkey who was pacing back and forth in the pasture.

Not wanting to miss out on the photo shoot Mugsy, Patches & Elvis came to visit me on the deck rail. Then I look down to see Forrest rubbing against my leg. And of course Piper and Shadow was right there telling me it was time to go feed the horses.

When I tell everyone the number of animals I have on the farm they are usually astounded. But to me they are my life, my dream come true and I couldn’t imagine life without them.