Trail Ride at Five Brooks

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On Sunday, I went on  three hour trial ride that started at noon. I was worried it was going to be hot but in fact it was the exact opposite.  The ride was perfectly shaded by the tall trees and a cool breeze blew from the ocean.

Having been in California for 2 weeks, I decided it was time to get back where I belong… on top of a horse riding across the land.  I started my online research by looking at all the places that offer trail rides with in a 2 hour radius. My plan is to take a trail ride at all of them, find out the best ones around and blog about them there.

Five Brooks Stables  is located at the Five Brooks Trailhead that has many well maintained trails for horses and hikers.

IMG_2249.JPGThe parking lot was full of big trucks and horse trailers of locals who are taking the day to ride around Point Reyes National Seashore


The Five Brooks Ranch seems to be a nice place.  They were friendly and knowledgeable.  The horses are in good shape and all of them had shoes on.  I was told at most each horse is used at most 5 hours a day on 2 trails.


My ride was great!  It was awesome to be back in the saddle. I was accompanied by 2 lovely ladies, it is always more fun to ride in a group.  The horses were well used to the trails, just give them their head and they will find the best route.  Some of the trials were steep but they were very sure footed.

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My horse’s name was scout, originally they had me on a bigger horse but they could not get the stirrups short enough so I ended up on Scout.  He was a good boy, for me, but I didn’t let him get away with anything.  Which in his case was trying to munch on the green grass along the trail.  There was a crop attached to his saddle which I didn’t need to use. The trail guide (Stewart was his name I think) sounded impressed that I didn’t use it and said usually he needs it to keep him going.  I told him I used to teach riding lessons where none of my lesson kids used crop.

For the most part the trails were single lane, which made it interesting when we came upon horses or people.  Everyone was very friendly and moved to the side to let us pass. Sometimes I heard the trial guide call out if he could not see the approaching group to find out if they were on horseback, so they could plan the pull off and pass options.  We walked past one group of riders that had a riderless horse in the middle of their group (of 5 or so). That was the coolest thing I had seen in a while, what a great way to get a yearling used to the trails and in shape.

We crossed over a bridge, I just love that sound.

I found this hikers website that describes pretty much the whole loop we did: Five Brooks Trailhead leads to rain forest-like landscape


  • Bring a water bottle
  • Ask for a saddle bag
  • Bring a light sweatshirt
  • If your on Scout, be prepared his saddle has no padding for your bum. Ask if they have any saddle seat pads.



Apple Jacks’ Leaving Day

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Last but not least Apple goes to his new farm.

Apple was rescued from the auction lot in New Jersey.  He came to us like the other rescues, not knowing a thing about him. It took us a while to discover what an amazing trail horse he is.  He has to lead but he is a fearless leader. Nothing spooked him and he would go through or over anything I asked.

One time we were riding through our friend’s woods and got turned around as to the direction we needed to go to get back to the barn.  I gave Apple his head and he guided us out; without a second thought we were back on the trail.

Apple as been half leased for over a year now by an amazing kid. She started doing lessons with me and gradually got so good that she was doing lessons on Apple. It was love at first ride.  Apple is a little speed rocket in the ring.  Just the challenge she needed.

So her family agreed to buy Apple from me when I finally sold the farm.  This day came in April.  I had other plans that Friday evening so could not be there.  This is what her mom sent me with the leaving day pics.

Hey there! A few pictures for you from Apple’s move day yesterday. Sorry we missed you, but also understand you not really wanting to be there. He did well. A slight hesitation in his step just before getting into the trailer, but after that, he walked right in and made the trip down the road just fine. We stayed at the new farm with him for a couple hours last night, and then Lauren was right back there at 9am this morning to make sure all was well. He has some good friends already, including another appaloosa! So far so good!

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Visiting Casey

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Casey the Wonder Pony

Last month I received a message through Golden Spike Farm’s Facebook page from a girl who used to ride Casey apparently they called him the wonder pony.  She was glad to have found out where he ended up and how good he is doing.  Social media is a crazy world where it is so much easier to make we can make connections.

As part of my getting ready to leave PA I decided to take Casey’s new owners up and visit him and them.  Casey is doing so good and is spoiled rotten by his new family.  It was good to see him, go for a ride around the ring and say good bye to the old guy.


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The other purpose of the visit was to deliver to them my dining room table.  I helped them bring their old Kitchen table and chairs out to the curb for free pick up.  Then we decided to sit at the table and proceeded to pretend to eat, drink and wave at cars.


Moving Sale


Farm Sale, Barn Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale

What ever you want to call it it is going to be big.

Saturday April 2nd starts at 8 am.

Everything must go sale. Please share and tell your local friends. Thanks!
Furniture – Kitchen table & chairs, Hutch, bedroom set, side tables, desk, sofa set

Home improvement – paint and electric supplies, tools and power tools.
Brand new Generator used 2 twice
House hold decorative items
Charcoal BBQ set

Barn items – horse things, English saddle

I have so much stuff to find homes for.  This list doesn’t even begin to cover it.  If your looking for something let me know I may have it.

I am putting signs up early so hopefully this will help.

What’s Happening

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So it has been a while since my last post.  I am so crazy busy with trying to go from a 10 acre farm full of stuff to a 2 bedroom condo.  That is a lot of stuff to find a new home for.

I grateful for my Saturday morning rides.  At least I am getting on once or twice a week to clear my head.  I seem to be taking more pictures lately.  I think I am trying to capture memories as my next life will be quite different.

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Recently I proclaimed my personal hash tag to be #neveradullmoment.  The Farm never lets me down on that one.  So I go out to the barn to feed after work to fine George and Heather in the wrong pasture by the main barn.  IMG_1205The gate was busted open into George and heather’s pasture.

Warlock was in Heather’s stall. Strange scenario. IMG_1207Not sure how or why one of the three main barn horses broke the gate latch and opened the gate between them.IMG_1206

My Parents are in town for Easter and to help with the packing and sorting.  This past Saturday was another beautiful day for horsie selfies and my mom came out to say hi.

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Other good news… Otis found a great home!  He is going to be a spoiled rotten fur baby for a wonderful couple.


We were telling them about Piper and how she is doing great but has basically lost her vision and hearing from old age. I had made the hard decision that it would not be fair to take her across country.  I was thinking she maybe too old to find a new home for and there are not many people willing to take on an old lady. Otis’ new family asked to meet her and said they would be willing to take her if I can’t find a local home for her.  I feel such a sense of relief.  Of all the good I have done fostering dogs this past year has come back to me 10 fold.  Karma!

What’s your story?

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story defines

Happy New Year

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Them: How was your Holidays.

Me: Great! I went home to Miami

Them: Oh that must have been nice

Me:  It was. I was in a tank top and shorts the whole time.  It was actually hot especially when the AC went out on the bedroom

Them: It was warm here too. Shorts and t shirt weather on Christmas day!

This weather is so strange.  I usually like to go to Florida to defrost but not this year, the cold weather didn’t arrive until I got back.  Brrr.  But not complaining it is nice to get a break.

So for some updates… it has been a month since my last post.


Noah Kinzer went to a great family in New York.  He is loved by 2 little boys and will do great in his forever home.

I have a new temporary foster.  Sebastian/Jack/Buddy.  The rescue calls him Sebastian.  His new adoptive parents are going to call him Jack or JD for Jack Daniels because he came from Tennessee.  I have given him the nick name Buddy.  He is a very sweet 4 year old beagle mix.  Great in the house, with my dogs, potty trained and so easy going.  I will have him for a total of a week as I am meeting his new family in Delaware on Saturday.

Piper completely tore her ACL.  She is such a sweet old lady and a trooper.  We are managing it medically with pain killers and supplements.  It has been about a month and she is starting to improve, using the leg more and getting around a little better.


Riley enjoyed our hike on the day we dropped off Kinzer.  He is such a love.


I finally got on Warlock.  We took it easy, maybe too easy.  He definitely was testing me. At one point he just stopped, decided he wasn’t going to move forward any more.  But we worked through it and eventually he got the idea that moving as I asked him was better than not.


He is such a cool horse.  He helps me every time I do barn work.  He helps me his latest trick is to pick up the wheel barrow by the handle.  He has yet to dump it out on me.


We are down to 5 horses at the farm.  Izzy left while I was on vacation. It is so much easier having only 5 horses.  They all have in and out access to the pastures so with 3 in the main barn the barn work goes quick.  Which is great going into winter as on those cold mornings and evenings we want to minimize our time out there.

2015 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,600 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Prodigal Son Returns

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Warlock the wonder horse is back!

After a few month training at Rachael’s farm Warlock is back with his dad and the herd.

Izzy and Chex were so glad to see him!  Apple eah not so much.

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Later that week I captured a beautiful run around session with father and son.

Trail Rides and Kitties

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Over the weekend was the first time in forever my 3 kitties were together.  Being barn cats you wonder about their welfare when you don’t see them for a while.  So I captured the moment with them.  I hope the new owners are OK with them staying behind.


Elvis, Patches & Mugsy

(I know what your thinking… No, I haven’t had any bites yet on the farm.  Showings have been fewer this time around, we thought we had a few good leads but it appears no one is ready to pull the trigger.)

On Sunday, we took Dalton, Apples and Chex on a trail ride around Green Lane.  It was a perfect fall day to get the horses out. Fresh air, open spaces and trials through the woods is a great way to clear the cob webs from your head.

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