Miss Heather's big day!

This past weekend our favorite photographer, Judy Reinford, arranged a holiday photo shoot at the farm with her clients.  She asked if Heather could be used in the family’s photos on location at Golden Spike Farm.  In return the family made a contribution to the Nash fund raising campaign.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  Heather who loves kids was a super star.  She stood, posed and did not move a muscle for 2 hours.  Such a great pony!

Heather is a Welsh Pony used in the my lesson program.  She is getting up there in years, mid to late twenties, but still enjoys having the kids on her back.  She is so patient with them and knows their ability level.  She will not do anything until they are ready for it.  Since she is a white color, she is starting to show signs of skin cancer.  “Melanomas are most common in older grey or white horses; as many as 80% of grey horses will develop them at some point during their lives.” See Common Equine Tumors.  They don’t bother her at all so the vet is just keeping an eye on them for size and spreading.

I got to know Judy when she volunteered her time and services to the Nash Campaign.  Check out the post from May of this year.  She is an amazing photographer who’s pictures make everything seem magical and enchanting.