A few friends and old colleagues came to visit the farm on Sunday.  Their kids loved it. We started out visiting the goats and donkeys.

Then moved on to say hi to the chickens.2013-04-07_13-38-25_363

Then out to the barn to meet the horses.  Casey was so patient while I showed the kids how to brush him and clean out his hooves.2013-04-07_15-51-19_878

Then for the pony rides.  Dads were there for stability and balance.  I simply lead Casey around.  You should have seen the smiles on their faces
2013-04-07_16-24-46_261 2013-04-07_16-23-11_270
2013-04-07_16-14-58_880 2013-04-07_16-12-21_81
Even Roxy (my friends dog) got into the going around in circles.  We almost tripped over her a few times.  As you can see Casey didn’t care at all.
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The great day ended with sitting on the tractor.