Goodbye Sunbun

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After being with us for almost 4 years we said goodbye to Sunbun.  Check out this arrival post here.

He is such a good boy and will definitely be missed.  Especially his treat face… he tilts his head sideways, stretches his neck and puckers his lips whenever there are treats around.


This slide show is from his leaving day.  SB’s mom said he is doing good in his new farm and was a good boy during transport.

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Sunbun’s selfie

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Sunbun's selfie

The poor big guy… He had tie back surgery last week for his breathing issues. Now he is on stall rest for a month and requires daily walks. The pic is of me and him during our lunch time walk today.

Click the picture for more information on his surgery and the causes of it.

Around the Farm

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Usually she rides Casey but during this lesson we decided to try something new: Cuervo.  He is one of my rescues and best described as an ornery old man.  He is great, loves trails but not a big fan of the ring.  In fact he isn’t really a big fan of being told to turn.  BUT he looks good! 2013-07-23_17-27-53_5432013-07-23_17-28-21_325We finally got the roof of the barn painted.

2013-07-23_17-39-03_727Nice pic of Chex’s beautiful colors

2013-07-23_17-30-50_381The Donkeys… I haven’t posted about them in a while.  They spent some time up in the front pasture with the goats because Izzy kicked them out of their stall.  This week with the weather so nice I brought them back to hang out with the horses.  They seem much happier here, even though they don’ have their stall any more.

2013-07-27_16-27-36_321 2013-07-27_16-27-14_826The walk to the front pasture.  The 8 barn horses (my 4 plus 4 boarders) are hand walked up the front pasture for grazing.  This time when I was following 2 Chestnut butts (Izzy and Sunbun) they decided the would spook at the new tarp.  But Rachael had it under control!

2013-07-29_17-07-29_82 2013-07-29_17-07-34_761I got a new tractor last week.  Yup after having my first Ford for less than 2 years it decides to die on me the Mechanic said that the repairs would cost more than it is worth.  So sorry credit card but farm comes first.  I didn’t take any pics of it because it looks the same only bigger than my last sexy beast.  but you can see it in the background here.








Welcome Izzy!

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GSF is pleased to welcome Izzy to the farm family.  Izzy is a 16 year old thoroughbred princess who is driving all the boys wild.  She has taken the farm’s last open stall, so I am very pleased to say there is no more room at the Inn!

2013-03-30_09-05-09_7972013-03-30_09-05-00_3922013-03-30_09-08-46_6412013-03-30_09-08-58_3512013-03-30_15-03-39_588 Smile for the camera!2013-03-30_15-03-33_835 2013-03-30_09-21-48_632     2013-03-30_09-10-44_551 2013-03-30_09-10-48_19 2013-03-30_09-18-53_637