Sunday Farm-Fun day

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On Sunday we had a visit from my college roommate and long time friend and her family.  It was the first time meeting her 2 girls and we had a blast!  We did everything we could on the farm in a few hours time: Met the horses, climbed on the hay, met the goats and donkeys, gave the donkey’s carrots, brought the donkeys back to the barn from the goat’s pasture, tacked up Heather for a pony ride, rode Heather around the riding ring, gave the horses and donkeys treats, gave the goats stale crackers, played hide and seek and scavenger hunt in the house, had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, colored in the coloring book, went on an ATV ride and collected rocks. Phew busy day but we had so much fun and the girls loved every minute of it.

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Hay days are happening more often.

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This time we had 3 guys and 3 girls helping us. We unloaded and stacked 132 bales of hay in record time. I think it took us like 20 minutes.

Hay Day

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How do you keep warm in the winter? 

We moved 132 bales of hay from the truck to the hay loft yesterday. Luckily this crazy weather held out for the delivery and unloading.  Thanks as always to the farm family for your help.


This is what 211 bales of hay looks like.

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Friday night was spent unloading a trailer full of hay. Two barns and 3 1/2 hours later we were finally done and completely exhausted. PS. Check out our guns.

KitTy phone home

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Used the farm truck again today. This time we got 40 bales of hay.
Update on the fencing: it has been such a wet and rainy month that the posts have not set.  So we got 1/4 of the fence up and had to put a temporary fence across the field for now. A big thanks to all my friends for coming out to help with fence party part 2.
Lastly, at the end of the evening I took time to give a little love to Reds (aka Barron).