My boy Nash


Word is spreading and the grass roots campaign raise funds for Nash’s Hernia surgery just passed it’s first week.  I realized I failed to show you how bad the hernia is and what the surgery will fix.  This week we decided to shave the spot so we could get a clear view of how bad it is.

2013-04-25_18-22-19_797 2013-04-25_18-22-49_860 2013-04-25_18-23-16_191 2013-04-25_18-23-29_871


Then after taking these photos Nash and I had some quality time while he munched on some grass in between the spring blossoms.

It’s a beautiful morning

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This morning when I walked out the front door I found Bilbo and Frodo standing on the mound in their pasture. They were looking intently at something. My first thought was they saw a fox. As their instinct is to protect their herd of goats. (This is why they don’t like and chase the dogs.) Instead they were staring at a turkey who was pacing back and forth in the pasture.

Not wanting to miss out on the photo shoot Mugsy, Patches & Elvis came to visit me on the deck rail. Then I look down to see Forrest rubbing against my leg. And of course Piper and Shadow was right there telling me it was time to go feed the horses.

When I tell everyone the number of animals I have on the farm they are usually astounded. But to me they are my life, my dream come true and I couldn’t imagine life without them.