Day 5 Grand Canyon

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This morning driving stats.

Last check we were around 14 hours from Lafayette. So it’s time to see some sights.


We  drove to the Grand Canyon today.

img_1823Our first stop was at the Grand Canyon Visitor center. Parking lot was so full we had to make our own parking spot but it appears we were trend setters as bikes followed our cue.

IMG_1847Wow it was crowded. It was the perfect day for it and tourists from all over the world were there experiencing it with us. There were many tour buses full of international tourists. It kinda took away from the experience, but it was still spectacular

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So beautiful, I was in awe.You could spend hours just staring at it.  Can you imagine being a traveler back in the days of horse pulled wagons traveling across country and come across great big hole in the ground? And you think yourself well how my going to get over there.

Riley again did great. He is such a poser. Many people asked to give him some love; which he gladly accepted. We could not help but laugh when some of the Asian Tourists were scared of him.  They quickly moved out of the one one girl jumped behind her guy so he would act as a shield against the ferocious Riley. But he was not the only wildlife. We saw squirrels, which despite the signs, we saw this one tourist giving nuts. This little guy was taking it right from his hands.

The next stop in the Grand Canyon National Park was the Desert View visitor center. It has an awesome look out tower built in 1932. There is also a memorial to one of the first commercial plane crashes in the US. It happened near by in 1956.

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As we were leaving we noticed a mule deer on the edge of the parking lot.  They are so used to seeing visitors that he didn’t even move as I approached him.

Next we are heading to Horseshoe bend in Page, AZ. Located very close to the Utah boarder.


Day 4 Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

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This morning’s stats.  Showing total driving time and mileage.

IMG_1740.JPGI worked a half day today.  Took two meetings but reception was not as good as yesterday, dropped the call a few times. But still it is pretty cool to be able to work from the road.


Today’s travels took us from the grass lands of Texas, to the barren land of New Mexico.  The rock and mountain shapes and structures are so rugged yet beautiful.  Two more time zones, guess it is time to adjust the clocks.  Playing havoc with our eating and sleeping schedules. Poor Riley didn’t get dinner until 10 pm last night.

The maintenance guy said that if you press No you get shocked.


Just passing into Arizona. What you don’t sing when you drive?

We stopped in Gallup for dinner. Got way too much food but I was craving BBQ. The combo platter seemed like a good idea.

IMG_1764After dinner a guy walks up to the truck and asks us for money. After giving us his spiel, T says no, sorry man.  The guy proceeds to tell us we are members of the KKK and that since we didn’t help him out something bad will happen to us.  We were thinking of staying overnight there but after that we decided to get out of there.


We made it to Flagstaff for our nightly stop.  Luckily the La Quinta takes pets.  Seems like a cool mountain town.

Day 3 Part 2 Round Bales and Wind Mills

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So I take over the driving for the second half of the day to get us to Amarillo. All of the sudden our phones start ringing that emergency warning sound.  Travis
picks up the phone to find out it is a Tornado Warning.  IMG_1678The weather looked fine to us so we just kept driving.  Later we find out that the Tornado struck about 50 miles directly south of where we were driving.  The most exciting non-event of the trip, seriously my hash tag is not letting me down. #NeverAdullMoment

The rest of that evening drive took us past round bales of hay, tractors, and windmills.

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We made it into Texas, the route takes us just across the square top of it.  The tip of the ice berg.

IMG_1732That evening ended with a beautiful sunset.

IMG_1737We finally made it to hotel after dropping Riley off we ran to the local Mexican restaurant.  It was too close in a ½ hour.  Just in time for a very large Margarita.

Day 3 Amarillo Before Midnight?

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One last picture from Tennessee. Yes that is a very big guitar in the background…

IMG_1672Start of day 3 stats.


So this is a vacation right?  Yeah there’s no rush to get out of bed and hit the road.  First we have to hit the included breakfast at the hotel.

IMG_1648Today’s travels took us out of Tennessee, into Arkansas and then Oklahoma.

We hope to make to Amarillo before turning in tonight.

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It is Monday so I used the hot spot to check in to work.  I figured it’s better to work while sitting in the passenger seat and not use all my vacation time on this trip. My rolling office today!


Straight roads and flat farm land fells like we are on the Highway to….

Day 2 Part 2 Riley’s Romp in Nashville

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Crazy Town

So only Travis would take all 45 feet of us into downtown Nashville and find a parking spot for $5!  We took up 4 and a half spots.  The parking lot was empty when we got there. By the time we got back we were almost blocked in.

IMG_1628First mission was to find an outdoor eating establishment that Riley could on the patio under the table.  Score! At the Acme Feed & Seed, food was good but a little to fru fru for me.

We could have stayed there all evening and just people watched but we had to see some sights.

Riley was in sensory overload!  He was very good and allowed many people and kids to pet him. To most he just brought on big smiles.  We walked around and took in some of the sites and sounds.

He doesn’t like to walk over grates very much and is also not a big fan of walking down open stairs.

The Peddle Tavern was one of the more interesting bars we saw.  People sit around a moving bar that the bar tender stands in the middle and steers.  It is peddle power and good times getting around Nashville.

But the the funniest thing was…We came across this guy sitting in a kiddie pool filled with sand playing music on a the corner with his buddy.


All smiles around Nashville. Gotta get to Memphis tonight.  Time to hit the road.

Day 2 Nashville Bound

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Day 1 totals…

Yesterday evening we found an ok hotel outside of Roanoke, VA that took Dogs.  Rolled in there after 11, apparently the dogs across the hall heard us coming and started barking (sorry #139 if I woke you).

Traveling with Riley is great! He is such a trooper.

After our free breakfast we were on the road around 9.  I drove! Woo hoo! My palms were sweaty and I was a bit nervous.  But I was just Highway (81) driving so within 1/2 hour I was more comfortable.  I only did about 150 miles but hey it’s a good start

Not an exciting travel day yet, but I am looking forward to Nashville.

I used to travel there for work (about 13 years ago) and loved the town.  I even met a singing Cowboy there, he had hopes of making it big.  His song was Rose Colored Glasses. Lost track of him but never did see his name come up in lights either.

I have a feeling Nashville has changed a lot since I was there last.Check in tomorrow I will let you know how it was.

Day 1 – Cross Country

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California or Bust!

img_1616As promised I am blogging about our cross country trip to California.  So much has happened since my last post I have a lot to catch you up on (and I will over this next week) but for now we are starting with the present.


The day started with a fuzzy head from the night before.  My Friday night Happy Hour friends help me go out with a bang. The fun filled evening included our usual shenanigans: Dancing, Singing, Laughing.  “There ware no tears in Softball.”  There was even an awesome cake and balloons. My favorite singing guitarist had a play list just for me!

Breakfast and lunch  was filled with friends we said see you later not goodbye.  I am not leaving you I am leaving Pennsylvania. There were some tears and big hugs this time.

I went to pick up my travel buddy and he was running late. So we get back to my neighbors house and hook up the trailer.  She’s running a little heavy, glad I have an F250 now.  My whole life is in the back of the truck and that trailer.

The drive started off on a good foot when we missed our first exit.  Hope this is not a fore shadowing of what is to come.

4 1/2 hours in and we have left Pennsylvania, passed through Maryland, West Virginia and are currently in Virginia.

Riley is with us and has 3/4 of the back seat.  He pops his head between us for some love and a scratch.  I had him up beside me on my seat but that didn’t last long as he was blocking the side view mirrors.
Thanks to my friends on Facebook for all the love and wishes of good luck.



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