Last but not least Apple goes to his new farm.

Apple was rescued from the auction lot in New Jersey.  He came to us like the other rescues, not knowing a thing about him. It took us a while to discover what an amazing trail horse he is.  He has to lead but he is a fearless leader. Nothing spooked him and he would go through or over anything I asked.

One time we were riding through our friend’s woods and got turned around as to the direction we needed to go to get back to the barn.  I gave Apple his head and he guided us out; without a second thought we were back on the trail.

Apple as been half leased for over a year now by an amazing kid. She started doing lessons with me and gradually got so good that she was doing lessons on Apple. It was love at first ride.  Apple is a little speed rocket in the ring.  Just the challenge she needed.

So her family agreed to buy Apple from me when I finally sold the farm.  This day came in April.  I had other plans that Friday evening so could not be there.  This is what her mom sent me with the leaving day pics.

Hey there! A few pictures for you from Apple’s move day yesterday. Sorry we missed you, but also understand you not really wanting to be there. He did well. A slight hesitation in his step just before getting into the trailer, but after that, he walked right in and made the trip down the road just fine. We stayed at the new farm with him for a couple hours last night, and then Lauren was right back there at 9am this morning to make sure all was well. He has some good friends already, including another appaloosa! So far so good!

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