Visiting Casey

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Casey the Wonder Pony

Last month I received a message through Golden Spike Farm’s Facebook page from a girl who used to ride Casey apparently they called him the wonder pony.  She was glad to have found out where he ended up and how good he is doing.  Social media is a crazy world where it is so much easier to make we can make connections.

As part of my getting ready to leave PA I decided to take Casey’s new owners up and visit him and them.  Casey is doing so good and is spoiled rotten by his new family.  It was good to see him, go for a ride around the ring and say good bye to the old guy.


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The other purpose of the visit was to deliver to them my dining room table.  I helped them bring their old Kitchen table and chairs out to the curb for free pick up.  Then we decided to sit at the table and proceeded to pretend to eat, drink and wave at cars.


The horses of GSF

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A photo texted to me this week by one of my lesson student’s mom. The horses as set up on their dinner table are on order of their stalls on the farm. Cuervo, Apple Jacks, Nash, Casey: on the right and have the stalls on right hand side of the barn.
Heather & George in the back. They have their own two stall barn and pasture behind the main barn.
Chex, Warlock, Sunbun, Izzy. On the left side of the barn and in order back to front.
I am so impressed she remembered all their colors and stall locations.
I think she may be one of the horse crazy ones, like I was as a kid.