Crazy Town

So only Travis would take all 45 feet of us into downtown Nashville and find a parking spot for $5!  We took up 4 and a half spots.  The parking lot was empty when we got there. By the time we got back we were almost blocked in.

IMG_1628First mission was to find an outdoor eating establishment that Riley could on the patio under the table.  Score! At the Acme Feed & Seed, food was good but a little to fru fru for me.

We could have stayed there all evening and just people watched but we had to see some sights.

Riley was in sensory overload!  He was very good and allowed many people and kids to pet him. To most he just brought on big smiles.  We walked around and took in some of the sites and sounds.

He doesn’t like to walk over grates very much and is also not a big fan of walking down open stairs.

The Peddle Tavern was one of the more interesting bars we saw.  People sit around a moving bar that the bar tender stands in the middle and steers.  It is peddle power and good times getting around Nashville.

But the the funniest thing was…We came across this guy sitting in a kiddie pool filled with sand playing music on a the corner with his buddy.


All smiles around Nashville. Gotta get to Memphis tonight.  Time to hit the road.