Goodbye Sunbun

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After being with us for almost 4 years we said goodbye to Sunbun.  Check out this arrival post here.

He is such a good boy and will definitely be missed.  Especially his treat face… he tilts his head sideways, stretches his neck and puckers his lips whenever there are treats around.


This slide show is from his leaving day.  SB’s mom said he is doing good in his new farm and was a good boy during transport.

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Showings = Dog walks in the park

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I have had 6 showings since the farm went on the market.  Showings this round is a lot more stressful then the first time I had the house on the market.  I have to stage the house to make it look like I don’t live here.  This includes putting down white things which must be taken up between showings because they would not stay white with 3 black dogs.  Then I have to pack me and the 3 dogs up and remove ourselves from the property.

So we go to the park, which has actually been great for all of us.  The weather is cool and the dogs enjoy the opportunity to sniff new things. The leaves are just starting to turn which make for some beautiful views.

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Updates on the re-homed

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Cuervo is loved by his new family in NJ.  He seems to be fitting right in and doing really well.

CuervoCasey is enjoying semi-retirement, as he doesn’t have to do lessons anymore.  His new owner could not be happier with him.  He is best buddy is a grey named Ricochet. The two graze side-by-side, hang out in the same stall, and when one is taken from the other, they whinny and pace to get back together.

image1 image2Bilbo and Frodo are taking their time settling into their new home. They are being a little head strong and skittish for their new owner.  She was having trouble moving them from from one location to the next so she tried a training flag.  They flipped out when they saw it and tried to kill the flag like a dog would.  She said it was pretty funny and she had never seen anything like it. Luckily they have each other because the horses and cats on the farm are scared of them.  Hopefully they all will warm up to each other.


Third Time’s a Charm

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So lets see if this one sticks. Today I sent the donkeys off to their third home. The first one, they changed their mind, then the next the donkeys didn’t do their job. But I have a good feeling about this one. Sounds like they will be going to a lovely farm with horses and chickens where their only job is to eat grass.

So that just leaves Apple who is spoken for when it is time for me to go. The barn cats will stay and the dogs are coming with me.

Sad but it is also kinda a relief to know I found them good homes.

Away you go Warlock

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Chex and Warlock are father and son they belong to my neighbor.


Warlock has been with us since he was two and was broke to ride while here.  Unfortunately he is just not being utilized they way he should be so on Saturday he went to Rachael’s Rebel Ridge Farm for additional training, finishing and fine tuning his manner.  (He was getting a little pushy on the farm.)

This is what Rachael had to say about his arrival “Yesterday, Warlock was brought down to Rebel Ridge Farm. Warlock is a 4 year old Arabian Paint cross who will be trained for a few more months to get some extra miles on him.
He was first introduced to Rugar and Dalton over the fence and then they were all put out to pasture together. As you can see in the pictures, Rugar was a lot more interested then Dalton.”

Rachael thought Dalton remembered him from when Dalton used to live at GSF.

So Dad Chex is left behind.  He seems to be coping fine.  Yesterday he came over to help me and we snapped a selfie.


Bye Bye Casey, Bye Bye

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This past Saturday (July 4th) was another day for my heavy heart, Casey went to his new home.

But first on Friday he had his last lesson on the farm with one of his favorite lesson girls.

Apple was looking quite dapper that that day too with his matching buckstitch reins, breastplate and saddle.  I think I need a better looking saddle pad though. (Buckstitch is my new word of the week.  I learned it from Facebook when someone used the word to describe a halter I am selling)


Then the Ferrier came to give Casey and the gang one last Pedicure. Oh look and there is Riley again


Barry found Sunbun’s hoof hair line wound was growing out with a whole in the hoof wall, but he fixed him right up with an epoxy type glue and a screwed on plate.





Casey’s moving day started with out a hitch.  NO literally, we didn’t have the hitch for the truck to pull the trailer, but that was soon resolved and the ball & hitch was delivered to us.  Casey’s new family decided to video him loading video on the trailer. He is such a good boy!

Here are some pictures of him in his new home.  Nothing phased him at all.  He went straight out to eat grass.  He has a new buddy and pasture mate named Ricochet.  Two of the pictures below were sent to me from his new owners.  They gave me a thank you card with horse quote stickers on the envelop.  I put those quotes on his pictures.

WP_20150704_10_01_34_ProWP_20150704_10_02_14_ProWP_20150704_10_29_02_Pro Casey beautifulCasey horse sense


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So with the decision to sell the farm I started to prepare for the move and make decisions on what to keep and what to take.  I decided to find new homes for my goats.  Just this week I sold my last two.  It is a little weird walking out the front door and not hear them talking to me.

I am still looking for a home for the Donkeys. I think my price maybe a little high at $700 for the pair.  But I am in no rush to sell so I will drop the price when I have to.

Last Saturday I sold Cuervo.  My heart felt heavy after that one.  He has been here for so long and has been a great horse for so many riders and friends that leased him.  I was glad to find a good home for him as he is getting up there and has his issues & quirks.


Casey is going to his new home on July 4th. One of my lesson students and her mom decided that they wanted to give him a forever home.  He is such a good boy and I will miss him but he will be happy with them.

Stand up; Heels up; heels down

Stand up; Heels up; heels down

So it has taken me some time to come around to admitting the changes to my lesson program.  Apple is really only good for experience riders.  Chex is doing great and available for beginner to advanced beginner riders.  Heather just had some veterinary care, she as scratched open 2 tumors.  She has melanomas originating from the cells that produce skin pigment (melanin).  (A high percentage of gray horses over 15 years of age develop melanomas.)  So hopefully she will be back in action in July for my smaller lesson kids.

I also hope to find a free lease maybe starting in August, when I take the farm off the market.

In the mean time Rachael is starting lessons at her family farm and will be taking some of my students that have been riding Casey and Cuervo, to ride her horses and continue their lesson program over there.

Tie Me Up | The Chronicle of the Horse

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Tie Me Up | The Chronicle of the Horse.

An interesting article about tips and tricks for a better seat and hand position.

Warlock the Wonder Horse

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Well he does leave us wondering sometimes!

Warlock came to the farm completely unbroke, he was the baby.  Ok he still is a baby but he has come along by leaps and bounds thanks to the farm’s two trainers.

Last weekend after a few weeks of ground training with her lesson student. Rachael got her on him.  He did so good with her lesson student.  I have to say I was proud of them both!

WP_20150523_12_20_27_Pro WP_20150523_12_19_06_Pro__highres WP_20150523_12_20_20_Pro__highres

On Sunday we went to Green Lane park for a 5 horse trail ride. Casey, Apple, Chex and Warlock went from the farm.  It was a perfect day, not too hot yet the sun was out and a cool breeze was blowing.  Chex and Warlock had never been to the park before or seen a bike.  We had several that we went past on our trails.  At first they were freaked out but by the 5th time they took it all in stride.  Rachael wanted to introduce Warlock to water.  Through a lot of patience and kissing noises (we use that instead  of clucking) she got him up to the water’s edge. Then she had to go into the lake in her boots to get him to take that next step.  When he finally went in he loved it and was playing in the water!  Oh Warlock your such a ham!


Looking for an on farm free lease

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ISO a small horse or larger pony (holds up to 150 lbs) for free lease (month to month) at my farm in Quakertown. I would prefer a gelding. Horse will be used for beginner/easy lessons (no strenuous work outs) and trial rides. Would consider older horse if sound and up for it. Do you have a horse that is not being used, I can give him a great home.

Here is a website that has a discussion about free leases:


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