So with the decision to sell the farm I started to prepare for the move and make decisions on what to keep and what to take.  I decided to find new homes for my goats.  Just this week I sold my last two.  It is a little weird walking out the front door and not hear them talking to me.

I am still looking for a home for the Donkeys. I think my price maybe a little high at $700 for the pair.  But I am in no rush to sell so I will drop the price when I have to.

Last Saturday I sold Cuervo.  My heart felt heavy after that one.  He has been here for so long and has been a great horse for so many riders and friends that leased him.  I was glad to find a good home for him as he is getting up there and has his issues & quirks.


Casey is going to his new home on July 4th. One of my lesson students and her mom decided that they wanted to give him a forever home.  He is such a good boy and I will miss him but he will be happy with them.

Stand up; Heels up; heels down

Stand up; Heels up; heels down

So it has taken me some time to come around to admitting the changes to my lesson program.  Apple is really only good for experience riders.  Chex is doing great and available for beginner to advanced beginner riders.  Heather just had some veterinary care, she as scratched open 2 tumors.  She has melanomas originating from the cells that produce skin pigment (melanin).  (A high percentage of gray horses over 15 years of age develop melanomas.)  So hopefully she will be back in action in July for my smaller lesson kids.

I also hope to find a free lease maybe starting in August, when I take the farm off the market.

In the mean time Rachael is starting lessons at her family farm and will be taking some of my students that have been riding Casey and Cuervo, to ride her horses and continue their lesson program over there.