Warlock the Wonder Horse

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Well he does leave us wondering sometimes!

Warlock came to the farm completely unbroke, he was the baby.  Ok he still is a baby but he has come along by leaps and bounds thanks to the farm’s two trainers.

Last weekend after a few weeks of ground training with her lesson student. Rachael got her on him.  He did so good with her lesson student.  I have to say I was proud of them both!

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On Sunday we went to Green Lane park for a 5 horse trail ride. Casey, Apple, Chex and Warlock went from the farm.  It was a perfect day, not too hot yet the sun was out and a cool breeze was blowing.  Chex and Warlock had never been to the park before or seen a bike.  We had several that we went past on our trails.  At first they were freaked out but by the 5th time they took it all in stride.  Rachael wanted to introduce Warlock to water.  Through a lot of patience and kissing noises (we use that instead  of clucking) she got him up to the water’s edge. Then she had to go into the lake in her boots to get him to take that next step.  When he finally went in he loved it and was playing in the water!  Oh Warlock your such a ham!



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This afternoon I took a video of the water run off into George and Heather’s pasture.  The water should be flowing straight into the woods where a drainage ditch that runs through it.

This is an example of farmer verses nature.  I wanted to dig a trench to redirect the flow into the right direction. Instead there is about 6 inches of ice that is 5 foot long in my way.  Oh well I will have to continue to be patient while everything melts.

People of often visited the farm and told me how quiet and peaceful it is.  This video is shared so that y0u too may enjoy the silence.