Bye Bye Casey, Bye Bye

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This past Saturday (July 4th) was another day for my heavy heart, Casey went to his new home.

But first on Friday he had his last lesson on the farm with one of his favorite lesson girls.

Apple was looking quite dapper that that day too with his matching buckstitch reins, breastplate and saddle.  I think I need a better looking saddle pad though. (Buckstitch is my new word of the week.  I learned it from Facebook when someone used the word to describe a halter I am selling)


Then the Ferrier came to give Casey and the gang one last Pedicure. Oh look and there is Riley again


Barry found Sunbun’s hoof hair line wound was growing out with a whole in the hoof wall, but he fixed him right up with an epoxy type glue and a screwed on plate.





Casey’s moving day started with out a hitch.  NO literally, we didn’t have the hitch for the truck to pull the trailer, but that was soon resolved and the ball & hitch was delivered to us.  Casey’s new family decided to video him loading video on the trailer. He is such a good boy!

Here are some pictures of him in his new home.  Nothing phased him at all.  He went straight out to eat grass.  He has a new buddy and pasture mate named Ricochet.  Two of the pictures below were sent to me from his new owners.  They gave me a thank you card with horse quote stickers on the envelop.  I put those quotes on his pictures.

WP_20150704_10_01_34_ProWP_20150704_10_02_14_ProWP_20150704_10_29_02_Pro Casey beautifulCasey horse sense

Selfies and Portraits

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Nash’s Portrait.  The sun is bleaching his coat.  He was black now he is turning brown.  He is standing in the area before we took down the fence last week to open up the ACA for more shade and access to the shed.


The Three Amigos.  Seriously guys how many horses can you fit in one stall.  They all came to check out what we were doing.InstagramCapture_e6813ee4-58e7-43b3-9e7a-467133efdc8d

Selfie #1 me and PiperWP_20140827_17_55_05_ProSelfie #2 me and HeatherWP_20140830_13_57_53_ProWarlock resting on our Ferrier’s shoulder while getting his manicure