Sunset Trail Ride

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What a great way to end a long Saturday of lessons.


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On Facebook I started a post a day about things I am thankful for during the month of Thanksgiving.  this is today’s post.

#8 Today I am thankful that I have the facility and ability to share my horse world with others. My colleagues enjoy hearing my tales of farm life (from throwing bales of hay to rolling study horses over). My lesson kids and adults enjoy experiencing it first hand. I get the joy of watching them grown in strength and courage as they learn to trust and communicate with a 1000 lb beast.

Lessons outside of the box

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I still can’t believe and am very grateful for how strong the lesson program is going even though the temperatures are dropping my students are still hanging in there and I am starting new ones almost every week.  With it getting dark at 5 pm I am even contemplating having lights installed around the riding arena.  BUT lets find out how much it costs first. 

I have started doing Gymkhana exercises with some of my lesson girls.  They love it!  I get on Apple and do it with them.  Then I discovered how much Apple loves to do it too.  It is a lot of fun and teaches them balance, quick reactions and confidence.

Sometimes at the end of lessons we go on “trail rides”.  It is just a walk around the front pasture but the kids love it.  They can relax.  Not have to go in constant circles and enjoy a bit of nature from the back of a horse.  The parents and dogs enjoy the walk as well.

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Another week. Another post

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Fall Riding

This is the only season we can see those 2 words in a statement with out thinking: Oh No!

It sure is beautiful though.  The fresh crisp air, the beautiful colors all around you.  Even the horses like it and have a spring in their step.

Yes another shot of me while riding. Trying to capture my trial mate and myself.
2013-10-20_11-06-57_408I can’t believe I am still gaining new lessons.  This is our first mother daughter team!



Falling for Fall

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Autumn is truly beautiful here.   I am trying to enjoy it with out thinking of the impending doom of winter.

It was a great weekend for road rides.  Since it is hunting season we are back to using the roads for our rides but my horses are “bomb proof”.  Nothing seems to bother or spook them, well except for the falling leaves.

It was surprisingly warm on Saturday but Sunday evening was cool.  Well, cold when we got caught in the passing rain shower.

Miss Heather’s Big Day!

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Miss Heather's big day!

This past weekend our favorite photographer, Judy Reinford, arranged a holiday photo shoot at the farm with her clients.  She asked if Heather could be used in the family’s photos on location at Golden Spike Farm.  In return the family made a contribution to the Nash fund raising campaign.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  Heather who loves kids was a super star.  She stood, posed and did not move a muscle for 2 hours.  Such a great pony!

Heather is a Welsh Pony used in the my lesson program.  She is getting up there in years, mid to late twenties, but still enjoys having the kids on her back.  She is so patient with them and knows their ability level.  She will not do anything until they are ready for it.  Since she is a white color, she is starting to show signs of skin cancer.  “Melanomas are most common in older grey or white horses; as many as 80% of grey horses will develop them at some point during their lives.” See Common Equine Tumors.  They don’t bother her at all so the vet is just keeping an eye on them for size and spreading.

I got to know Judy when she volunteered her time and services to the Nash Campaign.  Check out the post from May of this year.  She is an amazing photographer who’s pictures make everything seem magical and enchanting.

9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses

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Post by a fellow blogger.  I think most of my students can relate to this.

9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses.

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