Save Nash Fund Raising page

What a busy summer the farm is having!  Sorry I haven’t updated you on Nash in a while but I wanted to let you know that the fund raising campaign is still on going.  I would like to extend a special thanks to my lesson kids.  They have jumped on board and are helping raise funds this summer.  They have done lemonade stands and put cans in local pet supply stores and Vet office.

In the spring we delivered compost (aged horse manure) to local farms and residents.  I asked that all they pay was for gas.  If the truck did not need gas at that time the extra cash went to Nash.

So today I am going to deposit $188 in cash to the Nash bank account.

Please continue to spread the word and help anyway you can.

Thank you!


Nash is doing great.  He is enjoying his summer doing trail rides and lesson.  All very light activity nothing more than a running walk.  His hernia seems to have become a little larger.  There is an additional half moon bulge to the left but he is not bothered by it.  Fortunately we are not at the point of extreme concern yet. 2013-08-04_11-38-34_287