So this weekend while giving a farm tour I notice some puss on Cuervo’s hip.  After the visitors leave I check it out, to find a week old cut that has turned into an abscess. Having a vet tech background I normally have a very strong stomach for these things. This one smelled so bad, I had to walk away for a break.  Finally after pulling away the crusties and the gunk that had built up I get to the sore.  It sure was painful for the old man but he took it like a trooper, enjoying the treats that kept him distracted.

WP_20140119_15_10_34_Pro WP_20140119_14_51_05_ProI put him on oral antibiotics right away and flushed out the sore with betadine solution and water.  We have been keeping up this regimen twice daily and it is starting to look better.  Talked to the vet today who suggested upping the antibiotics and after flushing packing the wound with a salt paste.