So this weekend I decided that it was time to ride Nash again.  His first time out and I decided to use him in a lesson.  So I got on him first and we rode around a bit to see how he was feeling.

He seemed to be fine and happy so we got on with our lesson.  About half way through the lesson Nash decides to roll.  The student on his back got her foot stuck as she was trying to get off of him as he was going down to the ground.  So Rachael and I ran to help her.  Well the process of us running up to Nash spooked him.  He jumped up too fast and off went his student, landing right on her bum.  Then Nash proceeded to run around like a nut cause everything was exciting then.  We calmed him down and got the girls back on him for some pony rides.  After the lesson I ran him around a bit.

WP_20140118_12_34_39_Pro WP_20140118_12_34_45_ProThen he got tired and posed for some pictures.