Apple Jacks has been partially leased to one of my lesson students.  She with the help of her family decided to take the first step towards horse ownership by sharing Apple with me.

Partial Leasing

“You may find a horse offered on a partial lease, usually half but sometimes less, and in these cases you get use of the horse for a specified percentage of the week in exchange for half (or less) of the costs of keeping the horse. If you find a suitable horse and come to a verbal understanding with the owner, be sure to get all the details in writing. The Lease Contract should cover the following: length of the lease, terms of payment, terms of use of the horse, insurance, liability, boarding, tack use, showing, treatment of the horse, farrier, vet, and any other personal specifics related to your agreement with the owner.”

I was remembering back to when I got my first horse and brought her home.  Her name was Lilly of the Fields and I was in 7th grade.  I couldn’t even eat dinner that night I was so excited. I just wanted go out and hang out with her.

Congrats to Apple and his new 1/2 owner!



My first dather daughter lesson

My first father daughter lesson