Weekend Warm Up – What a Tease!

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Last weekend was great.  It was in the 40’s (which now feels like a heat wave) and there was lots of activity on the farm.  Starting with a trail ride with Cuervo and Nash at 10 am Saturday.  Nash decided to be a freak and was bouncing around like a rabbit.  Everything was scary when I was on him, but when I walked him things were fine. Cuervo enjoyed the ride and even had a spring to his step.

WP_20140201_10_52_12_ProThen we had a lesson. My girls are troopers and have stuck with me the whole winter.  It is fun riding in the snow bareback because the horse keeps you warmer.

Then the ferrier  came to give everyone mani/pedi’s.  While he was there the girl scouts came over to lend a hand for their volunteer hours.  They cleaned all the cob webs out of the whole barn and goat house.  Thanks Girl Scouts!

WP_20140201_13_48_45_ProFinally the day ended with one more lesson with one of the Girl Scouts.  Her mom even posed for a picture while I was photographing from a top of Nash.  Yes Bareback to keep me warm.

On Sunday GSF’s favorite photographer Judy Reinford brought out her client for a photo shoot with Nash.  Now my horse has been in more photo shoots than me!  Again it was a great afternoon for it the weather was warm, but there was still snow on the ground for the picturesque winter couple photos.

While we were waiting on the wardrobe change we had role reversal and I snapped a shot of Nash and Judy.




Nash – Back in the Saddle


So this weekend I decided that it was time to ride Nash again.  His first time out and I decided to use him in a lesson.  So I got on him first and we rode around a bit to see how he was feeling.

He seemed to be fine and happy so we got on with our lesson.  About half way through the lesson Nash decides to roll.  The student on his back got her foot stuck as she was trying to get off of him as he was going down to the ground.  So Rachael and I ran to help her.  Well the process of us running up to Nash spooked him.  He jumped up too fast and off went his student, landing right on her bum.  Then Nash proceeded to run around like a nut cause everything was exciting then.  We calmed him down and got the girls back on him for some pony rides.  After the lesson I ran him around a bit.

WP_20140118_12_34_39_Pro WP_20140118_12_34_45_ProThen he got tired and posed for some pictures.

Home and Back in to the Swing of Things

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Since being back from vacation things have been a whirl wind (hence the absence of posts).  Cuervo’s half mom said she keeps checking there is nothing new, so here I am finally having time to write a little bit and catch you all up.

The Saturday I got back it was like a normal farm day. Trial ride followed by lessons.


This is Apple headed our for the road ride with Cuervo.  Things change and happen so quickly. On the way back we are passed by a large noisy truck.  Cuervo’s 1/2 mom looses her balance and is unable to stay on.  Long story short we were very fortunate to have 2 good Samaritans stop to help us out and the emergency services arrive take her away with a broken arm.   As I start to walk the horses back home Cuervo sends out a loud Whinny.  There were no horses around for him to talk to,  I am sure the whinny was for his 1/2 mom as he noticed she was missing.  So this post is for you and for a speedy recovery!  Cant wait till you get back out to see your old man (Cuervo) and eventually back in the saddle. He misses you too.   Makes you realize no matter how good of a rider you are horses are still animals and accidents happen.

I get back to the farm 1/2 late for the next lesson. Luckily Rachael was there to fill in for me.

WP_20131228_12_08_21_Pro WP_20131228_12_08_36_ProA few days later another snow storm hits.  It sure is pretty but such a pain to deal with on the farm.

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New Lesson Pricing

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Starting January 1st, 2014 the price for

 horseback riding lessons will be increasing.


Private lessons: 1 instructor per student

$40 per hour


Semi private lessons: More than one student per instructor

$35 per hour


Lesson packages are available: Save $10 for 4 lessons

4 Private lessons:  $150

4 Semi private lessons: $130

All lessons in the package must be used within 4 months.

Words of horse wisdom

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Words of horse wisdom

A great blog/article that gives a few tid bits of wisdom that every rider could use.  Some of us already know but we forget.

Sunset Trail Ride

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What a great way to end a long Saturday of lessons.

Lessons outside of the box

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I still can’t believe and am very grateful for how strong the lesson program is going even though the temperatures are dropping my students are still hanging in there and I am starting new ones almost every week.  With it getting dark at 5 pm I am even contemplating having lights installed around the riding arena.  BUT lets find out how much it costs first. 

I have started doing Gymkhana exercises with some of my lesson girls.  They love it!  I get on Apple and do it with them.  Then I discovered how much Apple loves to do it too.  It is a lot of fun and teaches them balance, quick reactions and confidence.

Sometimes at the end of lessons we go on “trail rides”.  It is just a walk around the front pasture but the kids love it.  They can relax.  Not have to go in constant circles and enjoy a bit of nature from the back of a horse.  The parents and dogs enjoy the walk as well.

2013-11-02_12-25-53_213 2013-11-02_12-29-21_369

Another week. Another post

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Fall Riding

This is the only season we can see those 2 words in a statement with out thinking: Oh No!

It sure is beautiful though.  The fresh crisp air, the beautiful colors all around you.  Even the horses like it and have a spring in their step.

Yes another shot of me while riding. Trying to capture my trial mate and myself.
2013-10-20_11-06-57_408I can’t believe I am still gaining new lessons.  This is our first mother daughter team!



9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses

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Post by a fellow blogger.  I think most of my students can relate to this.

9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses.

I Love Nash

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My Handsome Man!

He is such a great horse and a big huge lover.  He came to me scared and probably abused. When I cleaned his stall he would quickly move to the far wall with a scared look.  That made me think he was hit with the manure fork.  Now he comes up to me (well everyone) looking to give a hand a lick or receive a hug.  He likes to steal your hat and lick your face in the process.

Recently I have started using him in lessons more. He is great with the beginners and stays right by me when I am walking them around. He is kinda lazy and hard to get going but he always aims to please.





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