Dr Parente just called me.  It was great to talk to him after seeing Nash as I was able to ask all my questions.

How did he get the hernia?

DrP. found scar tissue below the hernia which lead him to believe that the hernia was caused by trauma.  Perhaps from  a horse kicking him (before I rescued him) that caused a tear in the muscle wall.

How was the surgery performed?

The surgical mesh was attached to the muscles surrounding the hernia hole.  Usually they try to pull the muscles together  and put the mesh on top but due to the location this was not possible.  So the mesh was attached with some tension (like a trampoline) to the muscles.  There is also a layer of fat between the mesh and the intestine so there will be no complications there.  Over time scar tissue will form over the mesh and reinforce it.

How is his recovering going?

He is doing very well.  Pain seems to be down a bit today.  Dr P. took the bandage off and was very pleased by the look at the incision site.  It was very dry indicating not much puss or fluids forming.  The swelling is less than the expected and Nash let him touch it (which indicates less pain).  They are going to re-bandage it and keep that on for a while.  Nash will be switched from IV antibiotics to Oral Abs.  They are also reducing his bute (pain meds).

When can he come home?

Nash can go home Friday or Saturday.  Which works out great because we will be picking him up around 4 on Saturday.

What happens when he comes home?

Nash will be confined to the stall for 2 weeks and hand walked only.  Then he can be let out in a small round pen for 1 month. During this time he is not allowed to run around or interact with the herd for fear of tearing open the surgical site.  I will continue the oral Antibiotics and pain meds as needed.