Another Throwback Thursday post

This is me with Gringo on the left and Koky on the right.  Koky was a Shetland pony.  It is probably these two horses that started my horse love, passion and dream to run my own horse farm.

They were my parents horses and they lived in front of the house.  We were living in a trailer at the time while my dad was building our house.


My mom’s favorite childhood story about me to tell visitors is when, on my own and without her knowing, I walked out of the trailer to visit with the horses.  I may my way across the yard and crawled under the electric fence, being very careful not to touch it.  I then sat between the two of them and had a conversation.  My mom saw me from the window then quietly and slowly walked up to the fence.  She wanted to run but knew she might startle the horses.  Then she had to coax me to come out of the pasture back to safety.