Everything is Horse sized (unless noted otherwise) if you need exact lengths I can measure. If you want more detailed pictures let me know. Everything is negotiable and package deals are encouraged


Halters and leads

Lead line with chains Green and black $5 each
Red halter with lead $10
Blue halter $5
Fly guard attaches like a headband to halter $5 each
Leather Halter with brown and white with lead $30
leather show halter with silver pices $30
leather halter $20

Mini or Foal things

Western cinch 20 inches $10
fly mask foal sized $15
Halter foal sized $10
Western Saddle blanket $10
Brown mini nylon bridle with matching breast plate, brand new $20
Black and Purple pony nylon bridle with matching breast plate, brand new $20

Bridle related

Bosal – braided rawhide $20
Nose band with braided rawhide $15
Cheek pieces of a bridle with braided rawhide $10
Noseband Regular $10
Noseband dropped with matching headband $15
Figure 8 noseband $20
Noseband Regular $20
Western Headstall needs rivets $20
Western head band $5
English smooth reins dark brown $20
English smooth reins light brown $20
Western barrel reins with suede $20

Saddle related

running martingale $20
standing martingale $20
English breast plate $30
leather latigo $10
nylon latigo $5