Employee Spotlight- Jen Frasier; Project Manager 2

I currently live in Quakertown, PA where I am fulfilling my lifelong dream of owning and managing a small horse farm. I didn’t start out here though. I am originally from Miami, FL where I had my first pony in the front yard by 7th grade. After college I became an Au Par to my cousin who lived just outside of London. After my 6 month contract with them was up I ended up staying in England for another 2 ½ years. It was there that “by accident” I discovered clinical research. My first job in the field was with a CRO that is also based in Radnor, PA. When I got home sick they paid for my transfer to that office.

Several jobs, homes and “manfriends” later I am running my own 10 acre farm called Golden Spike Farm. I teach riding lesson to kids and adults just for fun. I really love to watch their confidence grow as they gain the skills needed to handle these gentle giants. I also board other people’s horses. My favorite thing to do is trail ride. Right now my furry friends consist of 3 horses, 2 miniatures spotted donkeys, 2 goats, 2 rescued dogs, 1 foster dog (looking for a home) and 4 barn cats. I have a picture blog where I post pictures and stories of the farm for my friends and family to keep up to date. Feel free to check it out at http://www.goldenspikefarm.com.

I am very fortunate to have a work from home job that allows me to take care of the horses in the morning and evening instead of commuting to and from work. For 2 ½ years now I have been working with a small group in Janssen responsible for piloting innovation in clinical trials. Research & Development Operations Innovation (or RDO-I & formerly known as CTI) collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to evaluate innovative solutions that have the potential to reduce cost and cycle times for clinical trials. From my perspective it is a “cool little niche” to be part of. I have the opportunity to explore many technical advances and manage the process to pilot these innovations in clinical trials.

Pictured with me is Nash a Tennessee Walking Horse I rescued. A professional photographer volunteered her time and services to a fund raising campaign for his surgery. Sadly Nash is no longer with me, he survived the surgery just fine and passed away last fall from an unrelated illness. Life is fragile for even the most resilient.