This is me and Apollo (aka Appie).  He was my third horse (pony) I had growing up.  I was giving him for free from a friend at a local stable, after my 2nd horse ran away.


He was the best pony and would do anything I asked of him.  We had so much fun!

I found this more detailed write up of him from and exercise I did back in 2005 for a career counselor.

Apollo my best Pony

My first horse had to be put to sleep because it was poisoned (either by the eating the grass with chemicals from the lime grove on it or by a weed called Creeping Indigo). My second horse ran away (he was scared by the big machine that comes and cuts the trees in the grove).  A neighbor who had a horse farm heard of my bad luck and gave me a pony.  He was named Apollo and was a chestnut with flaxen main and tail.  He was green broke, which means he was only partially trained.  I believe he was a rescue pony and probably not very well taken care of by his former owners.

Apollo came to live in my front yard.  He was great; very quickly we grew to trust each other.  I would take him trail riding every day.  A few weeks later Appie (as he soon was nick named) and I went to visit the lady who gave him to me she was so impressed I was riding him with a loose rein.  I didn’t have to be in constant contact with his mouth because I knew he was under control and would not run off or spook on me.  He turned out to be my best horse and would do anything for me.  He would walk through weeds higher than himself if I asked him to.  I taught him how to jump, so when we found logs on the trails he hopped right over them.  I took him swimming in the lake till the park police chased us away.

As I grew older I thought I wanted a bigger horse so I traded him for another.  Thinking back on it I should have never of let him go.