Pre-Surgical work up day

I got to the barn early and fed him his two cups of grain. He was such a good boy this morning. I told him the plan and about going in the trailer. He followed me right in to the trailer. He was definitely nervous and shaking a little, but is so trusting. When we got on the road the anxiety started and my stomach was in knots.


It took us about 2 hours to get to the hospital.  20131118_101304Look at that face, he was so upset and confused.  Poor guy.

2013-11-18_10-39-30_913 2013-11-18_10-16-18_993 20131118_101940

After going to admissions someone meet us at the trailer and escorted Nash to his stall.  He we so good; but very nervous and looking around, taking it all in  and trying to figure it out.    I led him into the stall that was filled with straw bedding.  I guess he has not seen that before as he wasn’t sure about walking into it.

20131118_102202 20131118_102807

Then they put a muzzle on him due to this dietary restrictions (only a little bit of grain).  He didn’t like that at all.  And thought is was very unfair that there was hay in the hay rack and straw on the ground.

20131118_103624 20131118_103627 2013-11-18_10-29-36_885 2013-11-18_10-37-06_25 It was time to go and leave him there.  I left feeling so bad for him, but knowing it is for the best and the surgery will give him a long life with no worries of the hernia getting bigger.

Dr Parente called me this afternoon.  He had a look at him and said we are all set for surgery tomorrow.  The hernia is of a good size and shape for the operation.  He is going to have the ultrasound done to have a look at the margins and determine the procedure for anchoring the mesh.  The surgery will be done tomorrow afternoon and he will call me after.  So now we wait.

Thank you to all the Facebook friends who have already sent us positive thoughts, prayers and wished Nash good luck.