We just got back from a trail ride and let the dogs out of the stalls.  (They were in there so they don’t run away or follow us, like Shadow did on Saturday, crossing Allentown Rd.)  As we are untacking we hear Cole (Rachael’s Puppy) non-stop barking at the horses.  Something he never does.  Rach goes out to see what he is barking about to find Nash cast against the barn’s half wall in the shed row.    This means he was stuck laying down, in fact he was on his back and got himself in a position that he could not roll out of it.  We run out to help him an at first find that we can’t get him unstuck.  His neck was bent under him and wouldn’t allow for us to push him back over.  I have to say he was very calm through all this.  I thought about calling someone to help us roll him back over but couldn’t even think to get the cell phone to work so decided we would try again. This time we were both up my his head one on each side which is dangerous because I was near potentially flying hooves.   Which Rach did get hit in the head by one but it was partially my fault trying to get a good grip.  Then he started to roll and we push and pulled some more then he slowly rolled on to his side and got up very quickly.  I checked him out after and he was fine! A little shaken up but in great shape.  So big thanks to Cole and Rach for being there to help out Nash!