Warlock who is now affectionately called Baby cause he is only 2 is going through training to be ridden.  (Why do we use the term break and broke?  I guess it goes back to when trainer did break the horses down to submission. This is not the type of training that goes on at the farm so I will stay away from those terms.)

Rachael has been working with Warlock and his dad Chex since they came to the farm at the beginning of March.  She has done wonders with them.  They now mind their manners are are coming along great with the riding aspect.  Rachael spent last summer as an apprentice to a Josh Lyon certified trainer and now she is doing it on her own.

In these pictures Baby has the saddle and Rachael on his back fro the first time ever.  He did so good! Was not upset, worried or nervous. His head was low and his ear were up.  I even caught him licking and chewing a few times which is a sign for horses thinking and processing.

IMG950032 IMG954149 IMG956626 IMG958657