A couple of weeks ago I picked up Lizabeth as my latest foster dog.  She is a beautiful and sweet 4 year old Germans Shepard.IMG_0885

After meeting her and seeing her beautiful coat I promptly renamed her Sadie.  Unfortunately she also came to me sick, by Sunday she had a high fever and what seemed to be an Urinary tract infection.IMG_0888

But she was also a trooper, hanging out with me and trying to keep up.  I took her to the vet who could not really figure out what was going on with her. I was sent home with fluids for Subcutaneous Infusion and 3 different kinds of antibiotics.  Well something worked because she bounced back really quickly.

She is one of the funniest and smartest fosters I have had yet. The first time I had to leave I left her loose in the house.  This is what I came home to:

Well, this and 2 pee spots.  But she took 4 of my slipper type of shoes out of my closet and arranged them on the couch and chair.  After that she was in the crate when I left.  She was so good about the crate that yesterday as I was getting ready to leave she was ready to get in the crate all on her own (with out me asking).

She also got along great with Riley. This is them playing in the snow.

She is so awesome that she almost because my first foster failure.IMG_0900

BUT I couldn’t have 3 dogs and her new family is also awesome.  They came and picked her up today.  Sadie, who might now be called Lilith, is going to live with 2 other Shepards and their humans at their home in a state park in New York.

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The picture sequence came out cute because she was in between mid scratch, mid yawn and mid licking her chops post yawn.

Good luck Sadie, Riley already misses you, but that is ok he is getting a new foster brother tomorrow.  #NeveraDullMoment