ode to a dog

I might be sharing my last request to help find a home for my latest foster.  If your are looking for a dog that is looking for his person then Otis is the one.  He is a Shepard mix.  I think maybe Australian Shepard or Blue Heeler.  He definitely has the herding instinct.

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This is his write up:

Otis is a sweet boy.  He is great with dogs and kids.  He is curious about cats and will chase them if they run.  He loves to be petted and will just rest his head in your lap while you rub is very soft ears.  He has the best white spot on his chest that he also loves to have rubbed.  He is showing some characteristics of his herding breed but he knows appropriate behaviors and hasn’t tried to herd me yet.  He is high energy and while he tolerates being in the crate all day I would not recommend this life for him.  He loves going on walks and enjoys car rides.  He is very good off leash and comes back to me when called.  He is also used to being around horses and learned quickly to get out of their way.  He loves to sleep by me all night and follows me around the house all day.  He is waiting for his forever family to share his happy go lucky life with.

Check out his slo mo video to see him in action.

Thanks for sharing!