At the beginning of the year I made 2 decisions:

  1. Start fostering one dog at a time to help the rescue Critter Cavalry. My first one was Missy and now I have Jett aka Cecilia
  2. Move out of PA to live closer to my family (especially my nieces).

So I put the farm on the market at the end of January.  It is a very unique property so I knew I would take a while to sell. During this time I am waiting for my family to purchase a home in California.  The housing market there is so crazy that they have actually given themselves a year to buy. If they don’t find a place in a year, they will be looking to move maybe to Austin,Texas. So I have decided to wait to move until they buy a place. I have not had any luck selling the farm, the contract with the realtor is up at the end of July.  So I will wait it out and take it off the market at that point to wait for the family decision on where we are living.

My parents and I went to visit Austin in May and loved it.  We have family and friends there, so I am secretly pulling for Texas.  Here are a couple of pictures from that trip.

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