This past Thanksgiving my parents and I were joined by my Goddaughter and her mom (my best friend since Kindergarten).


We have a lot to be thankful this year but the biggest one is that my Goddaughter successfully completed over 2 years of Chemotherapy for leukemia and is now officially in remission.

It was her first visit back to the farm since the diagnosis and we had a wonderful day.  Riley (my flat coat retriever) was having no part of this rambunctious 4 year old. Which surprised us all because he loves people but we figured out that maybe he was being protective of me.

The one who really surprised us was Kinzer, who I introduced to you in this post.  He is my most recent foster dog and wonderful little Dachshund.  He followed her around and played with her.  We went to the barn and everyone helped with feeding the horses.


That night we had a sleep over as her mom was getting her ready for bed they were reading a book about Noah’s ark.  Kinzer was already up on the bed with this listening to the story .  Out of no where, she said to her mom this dogs name is Noah.  So based on the recommendation of a 4 year old we renamed him Noah.

But the wonders of dogs does not end there.  Piper (my old lady boarder collie) decided to join them in bed.  She has not been on the bed in over 2 years.  I didn’t even think that she could jump up on the bed anymore, her arthritis has been bothering her recently, but sure enough there she was on the bed with them.

Dogs are wonderful creatures, sometimes I think they know more than we think they do.