I bet my neighbors are wondering why they are hearing donkey’s braying again…

FB_20140401_21_36_43_Saved_PictureSo unfortunately the donkeys did not do their job.  I think they did not have enough time to adjust to their new life and surroundings.   I received a call from the farm asking me to come get them because a coyote got one of their sheep in the middle of the night. So we made the 1 1/2 hour trip back to NJ.  This time they walked right on to the trailer.  Until the farmer scared them when he tried to close the back of the trailer. Then they refused to go back on.  Since they are small but mighty they decided to push and pull them on and it worked okay. 

When we got back to the farm, the horses were glad to see them back at the farm and followed them around for a while.

Their next home is already lined up just waiting on the ferrier to come out and trim their hooves first.  I think this one will work out because all they have to do is eat grass, and I know they are good at that.