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Saturday October 18, 2014

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So after acquiring 100 fence posts at $1 each we are ready for part 2 of the paddock paradise track system. See the last plog post about part 1 here.  This time we will be creating a track system for the horses to walk around the outside of the back pasture.  See diagram below.

Paddock paradise Part 2Diagram Key

  • Blue lines are fences that are already there.  They were put up at the last fence party. To check out the post and see how much fun we had click here.
  • Yellow lines represent the new fence that will go up on the 18th that will have wooden posts and.
  • Red line is the fence that will be put up to prevent the horses from going into the newly dug drainage ditch. These post will be metal because we can’t get the tractor auger in that area due to the trees.

The horses will then have permanent access a 10 – 12 feet across track around the back pasture.  The whole track system at that point will be a 1/3 of a mile the horses can walk on and check out every day.

Thanks in advance for your help and support of the farm.