Save Nash Surgery Fund

Nash is a handsome black Tennessee Walking Horse that I rescued in June of 2011. He was at a horse farm in where the farm owner knows the person that trucks horses to Canada for slaughter.  The truck driver stops at her farm and unloads horses he thinks she can re-home.  To prove to her the horses are quality he gets on them bareback when he unloads them.  If she thinks she can find a home for them she puts the horses in her rescue barn.  She has about 10 rescue horses at a time that are kept in standing stalls.  They are tied up and not able to move or turn around.  As a result from standing for so long the horses ankles swell.

This is the conditions Nash was in when I went to look at him.  They said he was the nicest horse they had in the group but knew nothing of his past nor why he was on his way to Canada.  I took a look at his deep brown concerned eyes and fell in love.  I got on him that day to experience for the first time the wonderful gait (running walk) of the Walker.  Here is my blog post from that day.

It was then that I noticed he had a bump on his lower abdomen.  The farm owner played it off as not a big deal.  When he got to my farm the vet checked him out and told me it was a hernia, in a very unusual spot.  Normally they are around the belly button. The vet said to keep an eye on it and if I gets any bigger it will require major surgery.

Well unfortunately almost 2 years later the hernia has grown to the size causing my vet real concern and I have find a way to fund his surgery.  You see Nash was rescued at the small cost of $600 the surgery will cost $5,000.  I do not have the funds for this.

Here is where Nash’s big heart comes in.  He is the biggest lover of all the horses. He comes up to everyone and is so gentle he licks your hand like a dog.  He loves kisses and hugs.  Really everyone who has met in falls in love with him and they have convinced me to raise funds to pay for the surgery.