As we head into the depths of winter we look forward to Christmas. Before I update you on the events of the farm I can’t help think of the event that took place last week in Newtown, CT. I would like to take a short moment to send my heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their childern in that terrible unnecessary tragedy.

My best “student” who has become more of a friend asked me to update the plog.  My work at the real job that pays the bills has exploded into extreme busy-ness so I have be delinquent in my posting duties.

These are the last photos of Lefty right before he left fo this big show. Unfortunately Lefty did not do as well as we had hoped at the show but I am sure it was still an incrediable experience to participate in the event.  Followed by pictures so all the horses in the out enjoying the afternoon.  They all have their ears perked up and were looking at me as I was carring a brightly colored and noisy sign.


We have had a lot of rain lately, which I guess is better than snow, but the pastures are so muddy. The horses don’t seem to mind as they love to roll in it.