I thought I left these behind when I left Florida.  So in preparation we filled all the buckets and water troughs, locked up the goats and chickens.  In the main barn every stall was full, Daltona and Nova was in one stall and the Donkeys were in the aisle.  


The next day we emerge to find that we were very fortunate.  Only one tree came down on a back fence, but that was easily fixed.  The picture here is in our Neighbor’s yard.  If it went he other way it would have been in the riding ring.  The hardest part was loosing electricity for 6 days. I had to work from a friend’s house and am very greatful for the help on the farm when I could not be there.  We had 2 barrels full of water, which also had to be filled and transported from the friends who had electricity. Other friends lent us a generator so it made it a little easier.  A very big thanks to all the friends who helped me through it.  I could not have done it with out you.