Since we have temporarily ran out of stalls I decided to bring the donkeys up front to live with the goats.  They are not too happy about the move and are definitely taking the time to get used to each other.  The good part is that Frodo is not chasing the donkeys, in fact it is the exact opposite and the donkeys back down with the goats challenge them. The one picture is from my front porch.


While watching them settle in and making sure they all get along I hung out with the goats.  They were enjoying the time and posed for some pictures.  Then decided to play head butt with a friend.




That afternoon we went out on a road ride.  It was Nova’s first time out with us on the quiet country back roads.  He did really well!  And apparently it was so romantic that our engaged friends decided to share a kiss on horseback! 



How many horses do you know that will let their owners bite the?  Dalton and ?


Shadow is loving the life of a farm dog!


Cassanova is like a goofy little kid.  On the cross ties, instead of stamping his hooves to get rid of flies he crosses his legs and rubs them off.  Such talent and balance for a 3 year old!